We have set up a crowdfunding scheme endorsed by ECB which we hope will enable us to generate some income towards the upkeep of the grounds during the Coronavirus lockdown and its aftermath. Of particular concern is the closure of our social club and the consequential absence of any revenue. The costs of much of the maintenance of our facility is met through social club revenue. As well as our own ongoing costs we will in future need to generate more revenue to replace the lost contribution from the social club. Please donate via this link, no matter how small the amount… it all helps. Remember that the work that we do benefits not just our own members, but also the wider local community, in that the Recreation Ground is enjoyed by all kinds of local people, not just those who play sport. The facility is run and maintained by volunteers and is a valuable local asset.

Please copy and circulate the link below to your friends, family and social network to maximise the exposure.