46866_786675911346265_174238069_nDuring the last year Dom Musgrove (4th Team Captain) has been training hard to get ready to complete the most toughest assaults courses in the world.  Dom and his close friend Chris Kilpatrick signed up for these events back in January 2013 and decided all monies raised for these challenges will go directly to Cancer Research UK.

Dom worked closely with the late Jim Heath coaching and managing Juniors from the age of 8, right upto under 15s.   Jim placed a lot of time and energy into the club and particularly his age group, therefore Dom wanted to run these assault courses in Jims memory. Chris’s mother to his 4 year old daughter is currently fighting terminal Brain Cancer and therefore wanted to honour these races for her.


Late last year they already completed ToughMudder, HellRunner and Mens Health Survival of the Fittest, of which Aaron Musgrove had completed 2 of those races.  Yesterday saw the completion of the challenges at Tough Guy.  This was the toughest by all, gruelling conditions, facing extreme cold water conditions, but both of the men completed the challenge.  So far the pair have raised a staggering £2,150 for Cancer Research UK.  If anyone would like to donate any money please goto http://www.justgiving.com/teams/queensofmud.  They would really appreciate any donation possible.