St. Georges Cricket club has had an internet presence for many years now. The first website was developed though the hard work, foresight and innovative genius of club technofreak  Stuart Johnson. We were probably one of the very first cricket clubs in the country to have its own website. In 2012 it seems that nearly everyone and usually his dog too, have their own website, but in the mid 1990s this was cutting edge stuff for an amateur club! Stuart still maintains the social club website.

Around 2004 Malcolm Webster took over management of the site, and did a great job of keeping it updated with pictures, news, match reports and more.

In 2008 the baton was taken up by Dom Musgrove, who redesigned the site, making it easier for more than one person to publish posts and other information. The site in the form you now see it was designed and built by Dom.

The current webmasters are Mike Waldron and Malcolm Webster. We are keen to develop the content on the site further and welcome contributions from members, friends and supporters. We are building up an archive (see history page), and maybe some of our older or ex-members can fill in some gaps. If you have a story, anecdote (fit for publication) , piece of news, historical item, photo (old or new) please contact Mike or Malcolm. Malcolm will be looking after the photo galleries, so please feel free to contribute any photos you may have.

There are now well over 100 pages on the site, links to Facebook and Twitter, a wealth of information about the club, coaching tips and lots more, so take a look around and find out more about our club.

We would like to use the site as the main method of communicating with members, and will try and keep it updated as often as possible. We still have notice boards in the main club building and in the old pavilion, but space here is limited, so stick  our address in your browser’s favourites/bookmarks list and look at the site regularly to keep up to date with what’s going on.

A few years ago ECB developed a tool called “play-cricket” which provided a website for every club in the country. Since we already had an established site of our own we decided to continue to use this to provide information. However, play-cricket is very good for accessing match results, scorecards and statistics so we use the St.Georges play-cricket site for these purposes. You will find links to various parts of our play-cricket site in the sidebars on this site. For everything else we use the main website you are on now. To see an overview of the website content, please see our Site Map

Feel free to add comments to posts or pages, but please note that your comment will not appear immediately on the site. It will be published only after having been “approved” by the club website administrator. This is unfortunately necessary in order to protect the site from hackers, spammers and also “inappropriate” content.   (bitter experience has taught us that there are people out there who have no qualms about making opportunistic legal claims against an amateur club.)

This site (and lots of others) works best if you use Mozilla Firefox as your web browser

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