signature_iconThe season will be upon us in a matter of weeks, so it’s time to renew your membership. We will be taking 2015 senior registrations at the indoor sessions at Phoenix from this week. Download a form here , fill it in , and give it to one of our captains: Ben Byram, Matt Conniffe, Allan Myatt, Stuart Edwards or Dave Seaton – together with your registration fee of course. Please do this promptly and without being asked. There were a few “stragglers” last year (you know who you are) and it’s not a pleasant task having to repeatedly chase players for their ( still very reasonable ) fee! – THANKS

For junior members, there will be a registration evening on Monday 13th April at 6:30 at the club. Last year’s members will receive a personalised membership pack in the post. A pack for new members will shortly be posted on this site