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Dogged Dave sets club record

Dave Slasher Smith -  0 not out in 16 overs v Ludlow 15 Sep 2012

Dave refreshes himself after his batting feat

On the very last day of the season St.Georges 4th XI found themselves in some trouble at 68/5, chasing a Ludlow total of 186, when Dragons No. 7 batsman Dave Smith strode purposefully to the crease to try and salvage something from the wreckage of the St.Georges innings. For the next 16 overs he dropped anchor and proceeded to set about the Ludlow bowlers, smashing them for … er … no runs at all.  For a while it looked as though St.Georges might pull off an unlikely victory, as several of the fielding side appeared to be in danger of dying of boredom. However, our other batsmen were unable to emulate Dave’s impeccable technique. Eventually wickets began to tumble at the other end and St.Georges were all out for 123, leaving him stranded on zero.

A waggon wheel analysis of Dave’s record breaking innings

Captain Dom Musgrove said afterwards “It was a disappointing result. I felt it was a match we should have won. I am constantly advising our younger players to bat patiently, get the measure of the bowling, accustom themselves to the pace of the pitch etc. If they had all shown the same application as Dave, I am sure we could have done it.”  A frustrated Dave said “After 16 overs I thought I had taken the sting out of the bowling and felt the time was right to attack, but there was nobody left to block out at the other end.”  Club octogenarians Stan Higgins and Cliff Smithies were consulted and neither could recall a comparable knock within the last sixty or so years of the club’s history. Paul Smart later claimed a 19 over nought not out, but until this can be properly authenticated, the record must be credited to Slasher Smith.

Junior End of Season Evening 28th Sep

Just a reminder about our end of season get-together for juniors and parents at the club.

Friday September 28th at 7:00 pm

 As well as awards presentations there will be a raffle, Irish Bingo, and a  quiz. Heath and Jane Forrester have kindly agreed to lay on some hot food.  There will be a small award for all members up to U11 age group who attend.

If you can donate a small raffle prize, that would be great.  (please would you wrap it up! – nothing fancy – just so you can’t see what’s inside)

There will be an entry charge of £1 per head, to cover some of the food costs.

Please come along for a last get-together before the long cold winter! Your age group manager will be contacting you in the next few days to confirm numbers attending .

Tim & Rachael farewell drinks

Friday evening (21 Sep) will be Tim & Rachael’s last night in St.Georges. If you can get there please be in the bar on that evening to say goodbye to them, before they start making their way back to Oz.

2012 Awards

Anuj Chandla

Paul Smart

 Awards for 2012 were presented after the last match of the season at the club. 1st Team: Batting Anuj Chandla, Bowling Paul Smart, Captain’s Player  Neil Davies, Players’ Player  Paul Smart.  2nd Team: Batting Avi Mathur, Bowling Bobby Gill, Captain’s Player  Luke James, Players’ Player Matt Chesters. 3rd Team: Batting Dave Whibley-Law, Bowling Jack Forrester,  Captain’s Player  Dave Pope, Players’ Player  Dave Whibley-Law. 4th Team: Batting Jack Heath, Bowling Chris Cousins, Captain’s Player Kareem Zaman, Players’ Player Chris Cousins.    More pictures here.

Mike Brennan Spirit of the Team Award

Ben Byram receives the Mike Brennan Spirit of the Team trophy from Queenslander Tim Lyne

Ben Byram receives the Mike Brennan Spirit of the Team trophy from Queenslander Tim Lyne.

This trophy was donated by the Brennan family in memory of Mike, who played for the Dragons 2002-2004. Following his untimely death at the age of only 33, his family had two identical trophies made out the the same piece of Queensland timber – one to reside at Laidley C.C., Mike’s home club, and one to reside at St.Georges.  The first recipient is Ben Byram. It is a magnificent thing which is on permanent display at the club.

Last Day of Season

Some of the 1st XI before setting off for Shrewsbury for the last match of the season.

Some of the 1st XI before setting off for Shrewsbury for the last match of the season.

And so the 2012 season draws to a close… The season, weather-wise, was the worst in living memory with lots of cancelled matches, particularly for the junior teams. We lost an important member and a good friend in Jim Heath.  However there are some positives to be drawn from the year. All teams held their own in their respective leagues in what we had hoped would be a season of consolidation and rebuilding – and so it proved. A few new players joined the club, and many of our home-grown young players continued to develop.  Generally there was a good spirit within the club, which we must build on. In that vein the 1st XI travelled to their last fixture in fancy dress, which they also wore for the evening get-together and presentations. You can see more pics here.

Senior Team Selection for 15th/16th September

First XI v Reman Services (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 10.15am Start: 12.00pm

Captain: Ben Byram
2. T. Lyne
3. G. Hughes
4. M. Zaheer
5. A. Chandla
6. P. Smart
7. A. Sultan
8. M. Hutchins
9. J. Sedgley
10. M. Hoof
11. C. Waldron

Second XI v Reman Services (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 11.00am Start: 12.00pm

Captain: Anthony Hyde
2. M. Ross
3. A. Dillon
4. F. Watson
5. A. Myatt
6. M. Chesters
7. A. Mathur
8. G. Saini
9. B. Gill
10. J. Gaut
11. C. Birkett

Third XI v Wheaton Aston (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 12.15am Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Liam Forrester
2. D. Whibley-Law
3. R. Forrester
4. M. Conniffe
5. J. Forrester
6. R. Wilmot
7. J. Wilmot
8. K. Myatt
9. C. Cousins
10. J. Trickett
11. J. Heath

Fourth XI v Ludlow (Away)
Day: Sunday Meet: 11.20am Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Dom Musgrove
2. M. Awais
3. H. Raza
4. A. Musgrove
5. J. Gregory
6. A. Sattar
7. S. Sajjad
8. S. Pessall
9. J. Thompson
10. W. Martin
11. D. Smith

Century for Jack Heath

Jack Heath

St. Georges 4th XI put up a good looking score of 246 / 7 dec. on Saturday at home v Reman Services 3rd XI, with 15 year-old Jack Heath making 121, his first century in senior cricket. (Dad would have been proud) . Fellow 15 year olds Kareem Zaman (34) and Amir Sattar (27) provided good support.  Despite this the result was by no means a foregone conclusion, with Reman coming close to the target, being bowled out for 225 in a exciting finish, giving the Dragons victory by only 21 runs. Dave Seaton returned bowling figures of 4 /19, making up for his duck with the bat, and Aaron Musgrove 4 / 49.

Click here for the full scorecard

Click here for Shropshire Star report

Team Lists moved

Please note that the team selections are no longer posted on the front page of the site. This is to allow more space for other items. To view team selections click on the “Weekend Teams” graphic at the top right of the page.


Senior Team Selection for 8th September

First XI v Wem (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 11.00am Start: 12.00pm

Captain: Tim Lyne
2. G. Hughes
3. M. Zaheer
4. A. Chandla
5. A. Sultan
6. J. Sedgley
7. C. Waldron
8. P. smart
9. N. Davies
10. M. Hutchings
11. M. Hoof

Second XI v Wem (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 10.15am Start: 12.00pm

Captain: Anthony Hyde
2. L. James
3. M. Chesters
4. A. Myatt
5. A. Mathur
6. G. Saini
7. J. Gaut
8. M. Ross
9. S. Morgan
10. A. Dillon
11. J. Wilmot

Third XI v Trysull & Seisdon (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 11.30am Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Liam Forrester
2. M. Conniffe
3. D.Whibley-Law
4. D.Pope
5. J.Forrester
6. C.Cousins
7. R.Wilmot
8. B.Gill
9. S.Ferrington
10. C.Birkett
11. K.Myatt

Fourth XI v Reman Services (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 12.15pm Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Dom Musgrove
2. J. Heath
3. J. Gregory
4. K. Zaman
5. A. Musgrove
6. S. Sajjad
7. H. Raza
8. N. Smart
9. M. Awais
10. A. Sattar
11. J. Thompson

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