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Ton for Tim !

Tym Lyne salutes his hairdresser after reaching his hundred

 Aussie all-rounder Tim Lyne, with an innings almost as stylish as his new hairdo, recorded his first hundred for the Dragons on Saturday at home against Wroxeter. Supported by Anuj Chandla (46), Steve Taylor (47) and 16 year old Mitchell Hoof (24), Tim’s 109 not out was the backbone of decent looking St.Georges total of 260/8.  Alas, it was all in vain. During the tea interval it bucketed down and that was that . Not a ball of the Wroxeter innings was bowled – yet another game wrecked by the weather.

Senior Team Selection for 1st/2nd Sept

First XI v Worfield (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 10.30am Start: 12.00pm

Captain: T. Lyne
2. M. Zaheer
3. A. Chandler
4. J. Sedgley
5. P. Smart
6. M. Hutchings
7. N. Davies
8. S. Taylor
9. M. Hoof
10. C. Waldron
11. M. Chesters

Second XI v Worfield (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 11.00am Start: 12.00pm

Captain: Anthony Hyde
2. A. Dillon
3. F. Watson
4. J. Gaut
5. S. Morgan
6. B. Gill
7. G. Saini
8. A. Myatt
9. C. Birkett
10. J. Wilmot

11. S. Ferrington

Third XI v Shifnal (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 12.15pm Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Liam Forrester
2. R. Forrester
3. D. Whibley-Law
4. D. Pope
5. M. Conniffe
6. K. Buckley
7. K. Myatt
8. R. Wilmot
9. C. Cousins
10. N. Smart
11. C. Dillon

Fourth XI v Shifnal (Away)
Day: Sunday Meet: 12.00pm Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Dom Musgrove
2. H. Raza
3. M. Awais
4. A. Hill
5. A. Musgrove
6. J. Gregory
7. S. Pessall
8. J. Heath
9. M. Ross
10. S. Sajjad
11. A. Sattar

A Load of Heath

From Charles Ross, former editor of Wolves Fanzine “A Load of Bull”, to which Jim was a regular contributor:

Just wanted to let everyone know that there will be a new fanzine on sale around Molineux today! It’s imaginatively called “A Load of Heath” in memory of one of the greatest Wolves fans and top blokes you could wish to meet. Jim died of cancer on August 11th and his funeral took place this week. With, at his request, the final piece of music at the service being the Liquidator.   Jim requested that any donations in his memory be split between the hospice where he died, and which took such great care of him and of his family, and his local cricket club. “A Load of Heath” is a simple 1 page of A4. On one side is the tribute I wrote for him in the Barnsley programme. On the other, the fabulous article he wrote for the final issue of ALOB back in April.

It is priced at £1 (you can donate more if you wish!). All proceeds from this one off limited edition will be going to his 2 chosen charities (the Severn Hospice and St Georges CC).  Regular ALOB sellers will be on duty outside the subway, the club shop / Stan Cullis and on the Waterloo Road. Please note that postal copies are unfortunately not available, since ALOB has had to call it a day.

I spoke to the hospice today, and have some idea of the costs involved in the wonderful work they do. Ditto the cost of the new nets the cricket club want to put up and name after Jim. The ALOB crew will, to coin a phrase, “put a shift in” to honour the memory of a wonderful man and a great friend. So you all know: the family have been reading the website tributes already made to Jim and are very grateful to all those Wolves fans out there who have posted some wonderful sentiments. Thank you!

Jim’s daughter Nicole and his sister Alison with Dave Slape, secretary of the London Wolves

Charles Ross selling “A Load of Heath” at Molineux

The London Wolves supporters club laid a wreath in front of the North Bank on Saturday in Jim’s memory. Jim was heavily involved with this club during his years in London.

Senior Team Selection for 25th August

First XI v Wroxeter (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 11.00am Start: 12.00pm

Captain: Tim Lyne
2. G. Hughes
3. M. Zaheer
4. A. Chandler
5. S. Taylor
6. J. Sedgley
7. M. Hoof
8. M. Hutchings
9. N. Davies
10. P. Smart
11. C. Waldron

Second XI v Wroxeter (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 10.40am Start: 12.00pm

Captain: Anthony Hyde
2. M. Chesters
3. G. Saini
4. M. Myatt
5. L. James
6. B. Gill
7. A. Myatt
8. A. Dillon
9. J. Gaut
10.  J. Wilmot
11. F. Watson

Third XI v Shrewsbury (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 11.30am Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Liam Forrester
2. R. Forrester
3. M. Conniffee
4. D. Whibley-Law
5. K. Myatt
6. R. Wilmot
7. M. Ross
8. C. Cousins
9. AN Other
10. C. Dillon
11. J. Gregory

Fourth XI v Grove (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 12.15pm Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Dom Musgrove
2. N. Jones
3. J. Jones
4. H. Raza
5. A. Musgrove
6. K. Zaman
7. M. Awais
8. D. Smith
9. A. Sattar
10. S. Sajjad
11. J. Heath



Senior Team Selection for 18th August

First XI v Much Wenlock (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 11.00am Start: 12.00pm

Captain: Tim Lyne
2. G. Hughes
3. M. Zaheer
4. A. Chandler
5. A. Sultan
6. S. Taylor
7. J. Sedgley
8. M. Hutchings
9. N. Davies
10. P. Smart
11. C. Waldron

Second XI v Lilleshall (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 10.40am Start: 12.00pm

Captain: Anthony Hyde
2.  G. Sani
3.  M. Ross
4.  M. Hoof
5.  S. Morgan
6.  B. Gill
7.  L. James
8.  C. Birkett
9.  J. Gaut
10.  M. Chesters
11.  A. Myatt

Third XI v Cae Glass (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 12.00pm Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Liam Forrester
2.  R. Forrester
3.  D. Whibley-Law
4.  M. Conniffe
5.  D. Pope
6.  S. Evans
7.  J. Forrester
8.  K. Myatt
9.  R. Wilmot
10.  J. Wilmot
11.  J. Trickett

Fourth XI v Quatt (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 11.45am Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Dom Musgrove
2.  C. Cousins
3.  H. Raza
4.  J. Heath
5.  K. Zaman
6.  J. Gregory
7.  A. Dillon
8.  D. Smith
9.  S. Sajjad
10.  N. Jones
11.  P. Rushworth

Hat Trick for Snork!

Paul Smart – relentless in his quest to achieve physical perfection

Paul Smart took a hat trick for the 1st XI at Shelton on Saturday. Figures of 3-30 from Neil Davies , 2-6 from Tim Lyne and a good debut performance from Matthew Hutchins (1-14) drove  St.Georges to a 171 run victory, which had been set up by batting contributions of 81 from Asif Sultan, 40 from Gareth Hughes and twenties from Mo Zaheer, Steve Taylor and Chris Waldron

Jim Heath 1958 – 2012

Jim Heath 2012.jpgSat 11th August: We have just received the very sad news that Jim Heath passed away this morning. Jim has suffered with cancer for a few years now, but, typically, he never allowed this to prevent him from continuing to be a stalwart of the club in all sorts of ways. He has served as fixture secretary for the past few seasons, being instrumental in reviving Sunday friendly cricket at the club. More importantly than this, Jim has been a vital pillar of our junior section for years. Like most of those who run our junior cricket at the club , he got involved when his son Jack first joined as an Under 10 player. He qualified as an ECB coach and managed and coached junior players ever since. Even right up until a few weeks ago Jim was organising practice sessions and running re-arranged matches for his Under 15s group which had fallen foul of this season’s terrible weather.  Because he never spoke about his illness and refused to let it dominate his life, many members I have spoken to were completely unaware of his condition. The photo shown here was taken earlier this season when Jim was turning out for the 4th XI.

Jim on his European football travels

Jim on his European football travels

As well as cricket, another of Jim’s passions was following the Wolves. He has written numerous articles for various journals and national newspapers. In 2011 he wrote a book about the history of Wolverhampton Wanderers. Click here to read a tribute from “” and also herefor one on “Molineuxmix” . You will see that everyone he knew, has the same high regard for him as we do. Although Jim was taken from us early, he packed more into the time he had than most people!

Jim at the Oval in 2010

Jim at the Oval in 2010

As a member of our club he will be badly missed. As a friend he will be missed even more by all those who knew him. We are all thinking of Christine, Jack and Nicole.  A minute’s silence in his memory will be observed before the start of all today’s matches.

The funeral is at 2:00 pm on Wednesday 22nd August at Telford Crematorium and afterwards at the club. I understand that Jim left some specific requests about the funeral. He would like it to be fairly informal and not too sombre, and that includes dress. Members are encouraged to wear their club shirts and fellow coaches their green coach’s shirts. Anyone who has a Wolves flag or suchlike to hang up in the club, please get in touch.  Any donations will be split between Severn Hospice and St.Georges Cricket Club.

Please feel free to add to you own thoughts / comments by clicking here

This tribute appeared in the Wolves match programme on Tuesday 21st August. (Jim will have been pleased that they won!)

More Internet Tributes to Jim …..

Donations to St Georges Cricket Club and Severn Hospice

Anyone with a paypal account can now send donations by using their account. Its very easy to do, you will need to request the Send Money option within your PayPal Account, select send money to friends and input the Account Name and amount. Alternatively people can make cheques payable to “St Georges Cricket Club”. Please send all cheques to Chris Cousins, St Georges Cricket Club Treasurer, 8 Allertons Meadow, Shawbirch, Telford TF5 0NW.



Senior Team Selection for 11th August

First XI v Shelton (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 10.15am Start: 12.00pm

Captain: Tim Lyne
2. G. Hughes
3. M. Zaheer
4. A. Chandler
5. J. Sedgley
6. S. Taylor
7. A. Sultan
8. N. Davies
9. P. Smart
10. M. Hutchins
11. C. Waldron

Second XI v Frankton (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 11.00am Start: 12.00pm

Captain: Anthony Hyde
2. M. Ross
3. M. Myatt
4. S. Morgan
5. M. Chesters
6. A. Mathur
7. G. Saini
8. B. Gill
9. L. James
10. S. Ferrington
11. H. Raza

Third XI v Grove (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 11.30pm Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Liam Forrester
2. M. Conniffe
3. S. Evans
4. K. Buckley
5. J. Forrester
6. R.Wilmot
7. K. Myatt
8. J. Trickett
9. J. Wilmot
10. A. Myatt
11. C. Birkett

Fourth XI v Allscott (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 12.15pm Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Dom Musgrove
2. A. Hill
3. C. Cousins
4. N. Jones
5. J. Heath
6. K. Zaman
7. D. Chesters
8. J. Gregory
9. H. Forrester
10. R. Chesters
11. A. Dillon

Volunteer Award for Malc

Malcolm Webster awawrd 2012.jpgMalcolm Webster was recently presented with a Volunteer of the Year Award at the Telford & Wrekin Sports Awards ceremony. As well as all his work for St.Georges C.C., Malcolm has for many years been active on behalf of Telford Schools FA, Shropshire Schools FA, Shrewsbury Town F.C.  and AFC Telford F.C. plus various other organisations.

Senior Team Selection for 4th/5th August

First XI v Bomere Heath (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 12.00pm Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Ben Byram
2. T.Lyne
3. G.Hughes
4. M.Zaheer
5. A.Chandler
6. J.Sedgley
7. C.Waldron
8. P.Smart
9. M.Myatt
10. M.Chesters
11. F.Watson

Second XI v Cound (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 11.30am Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Anthony Hyde
2. S.Ferrington
3. M.Ross
4. B.Gill
5. A.Mathur
6. G.Saini
7. L.James
8. J.Gaut
9. A.Myatt
10. D.Chesters
11. H.Raza

Third XI v Oswestry (Away)
Day: Sunday Meet: 12.00am Start: 1.30pm

Captain: Liam Forrester
2. M.Conniffe
3. D.Whibley-Law
4. D.Pope
5. T.Smart
6. N.Smart
7. J.Tricket
8. K.Myatt
9. K.Buckley
10. G.Singh
11. L.Buttery

Fourth XI v Wellington (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 12.45am Start: 1.30pm

Captain: Dom Musgrove
2. A.Musgrove
3. N.Jones
4. S.Pessall
5. J.Forrester
6. A.Dillon
7. K.Zaman
8. J. Heath
9. M. Awais
10. R.Forrester
11. D. Seaton

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