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President’s Day 1 July

On behalf of St Georges Cricket Club we would like to thank everybody who supported this event.
I hope you will agree that it was a very enjoyable and memorable event in memory of Eric, Millie and Mike.
Thanks to your very generous contributions we have been able to raise £2546 for the nominated causes of:

St Georges Disabled Cricket Section – selected by Eric and Millie’s family


The Oliver Brennan Trust Fund – selected by Madonna Brennan

Each will be presented with a cheque for £1273

Many Thanks

Stan Higgins                         Paul Taylor
President                               Chairman

Below is the Lomas XI and the Brennan XI and also a photo of Grand national winner Neptune Collonges with president Stan Higgins and owner John Hales. Click on pics to enlarge. There are lots of photos from this match in our gallery. Click HERE to view a slideshow


Senior Team Selection for 14th/15th

First XI v Newport (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 11.00am Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Tim Lyne
2. M. Zaheer
3. A. Chandler
4. A. Sultan
5. C. Kahn
6. J. Sedgley
7. L. Sedgley
8. N. Davies
9. S. Morgan
10. P. Smart
11. C. Waldron

Second XI v Newport (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 11.45am Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Anthony Hyde
2.  D. Chesters
3.  M. Chesters
4.  F. Watson
5.  S. Ferrington
6.  A. Mathur
7.  M. Hoof
8.  B. Gill
9.  M. Ross
10.  A. Musgrove
11.  C. Birkett

Third XI v Beacon (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 12.30am Start: 1.30pm

Captain: Liam Forrester
2.  R. Forrester
3.  M. Conniffe
4.  D. Whibley-Law
5.  D. Pope
6.  J. Wilmot
7.  R. Wilmot
8.  J. Forrester
9.  A. Dillon
10.  C. Dillon
11.  G. Singh

Fourth XI v Pontesbury (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 12.00am Start: 1.30pm

Captain: Dom Musgrove
2.  K. Zaman
3.  J. Thompson
4.  J. Heath
5.  A. Hill
6.  J. Gregory
7.  W. Martin
8.  T. Griffiths
9.  M. Awais
10.  H. Raza
11.  I. Ahmed

U11 & U13 Wednesday matches cancelled this week

Due to the continuing appalling weather, the U11 match and and U13 match on Wednesday 11 July are both cancelled. The ground is underwater.

Junior training cancelled

Apologies, but the ground is too wet for training tonight

Senior Team Selection for 7th/8th July

First XI v Quatt (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 11.45am Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Tim Lyne
2.  G. Hughes
3.  M. Zaheer
4.  A. Chandler
5.  L. Sedgley
6.  C. Waldron
7.  P. Smart
8.  N. Davies
9.  S. Morgan
10. C. Khan
11. A. Sultan

Second XI v Quatt (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 11.30am Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Anthony Hyde
2.  A. Mathur
3.  M. Hoof
4.  M. Chesters
5.  M. Myatt
6.  L. James
7.  B. Gill
8.  F. Watson
9.  S. Ferrington
10.  D. Chesters
11.  A. Myatt

Third XI v Church Stretton (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 12.00pm Start: 1.30pm

Captain: Liam Forrester
2.  R. Forrester
3.  D. Conniffe
4.  D. Pope
5.  R. Wilmot
6.  D. Whibley-Law
7.  I. Ahmed
8.  A. Dillon
9.  N. Jones
10.  J. Forrester
11.  H. Raza

Fourth XI v Iscoyd & Fenns Bank (Home/Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 12.45pm Start: 1.30pm

Captain: Chris Cousins
2.  C. Birkett
3.  K. Myatt
4.  S. Pessall
5.  M. Awais
6.  W. Martin
7.  J. Heath
8.  K. Zaman
9.  A. Musgrove
10. A. Hill
11.  M. Ross

Sunday XI v Grasshoppers (Home)
Day: Sunday Meet: 1.oopm Start: 2.00pm

Captain: Unknown

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