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Junior Practice Mon 30 April Cancelled !

Due to the ever worsening drought situation, and the resulting waterlogged ground,  the scheduled practice session on Mon 30 April will have to be cancelled.

We hope to start the cricket season soon ! – Keep watching this space.

U15 match v Shifnal this Sunday is CANCELLED

Another match falls victim to the drought. It’s just too dry to play.

Third XI Match against Beacon – CANCELLED

We have just been informed the Third XI match against Beacon tomorrow (28th April) has been cancelled.

Senior Team Selection for 28th April 2012

First XI v Newport (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 12.00am Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Ben Bryam
2. Tim Lyne
3. Gareth Hughes
4. Cameron Kahn
5. Mo Zaheer
6. Anuj Chandler
7. Steve Taylor
8. Josh Sedgley
9. Scott Peckham
10. Neil Davies
11.  Sam Morgan

Second XI v Newport (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 11.45am Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Anthony Hyde
2.  Paul Smart
3.  Dave Pope
4.  Frazer Watson
5.  Mitchell Hoof
6.  Mike Ross
7.  Mike Myatt
8.  Avi Mathur
9.  Joe Gaut
10.  Chris Birkett
11.  Matthew Chesters

Third XI v Beacon (Away)
Day: Saturday Meet: 12.00pm Start: 1.30pm

Captain: Liam Forrester
2.  Ryan Forrester
3.  Dave Law
4.  Matthew Conniffe
5.  Ross Wilmot
6.  Jack Wilmot
7.  Kev Myatt
8.  Allan Myatt
9.  Dave Chesters
10. Alex Dillon
11.  Joe Thompson

Fourth XI v Alberbury (Home)
Day: Saturday Meet: 12.30am Start: 1.30pm

Captain: Dom Musgrove
2.  Bobby Gill
3.  Rachel Chesters
4.  Luke James
5.  Aaron Musgrove
6.  Jim Heath
7.  Jack Heath
8.  Steve Pessall
9.  Heath Forrester
10.  Imran Ahmed
11.  Joe Gregory

Senior Team Selection for 22nd/23rd April 2012

First XI v Quatt (Away)
Day: Saturday        Meet: 11.00am      Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Ben Bryam
T Lyne
G Hughes
M Zaher
A Chandler
S Peckham
C Waldron
N Davis
J Sedgley
A Mathur
S Morgan

Second XI v Quatt (Home)
Day: Saturday        Meet: 11.00am      Start: 1.00pm

Captain: Anthony Hyde
P Smart
D Pope
M Ross
C Birkett
M Hoof
A Dillion
M Myatt
F Watson
M Chesters
J Gaut

Third XI v Church Stretton (Home)
Day: Saturday        Meet: 11.00am      Start: 1.30pm

Captain: Liam Forrester
R Forrester
M Conniffe
D Law
B Gill
R Wilmot
J Wilmot
L James
A Myatt
H Raza
J Thompson

Fourth XI v Llanidloes (Away)
Day: Sunday        Meet: 11.00am      Start: 1.30pm

Captain: Dom Musgrove
A Musgrove
J Forrester
I Saeed
P Rushworth
D Chesters
R Chesters
K Myatt
J Gregory
Dave Smith
S Rowley

First Ball of the Season !

   St.Georges 2nd XI at home v Quatt. The first ball of the season is despatched by Mike Myatt  to the boundary with a stylish slip  drive.  He lost his off stump a few overs later trying to replicate the shot. After 9 overs some horizontal rain forced the players off the field with the score at 47 / 1. Take a look at that sky. No doubt about it – this drought is really becoming a big worry. From this reasonable start the innings then collapsed to 106/9 with U15 pair Joe Gaut and Chris Birkett helping get the score to 3 figures. The rain then put paid to any further play. There was only one over played in the first XI match at Quatt.  The 3rd XI were handed a win by Church Stretton who could not raise a side, and Sunday’s 4th XI match at Llanidloes was called off early Sunday due to a waterlogged pitch.


Kev Myatt grinning in the scorebox. He's the only dry one on the ground



Stuart Edwards qualifies as club coach

Well done to Stuart Edwards who has recently completed the ECB Level 1 coaching course. Stuart will be working with Malcolm Webster and Sam Rowley with our entry level “Little Dragons” group (school years 2 & 3). We still have some capacity in this age group (boys and girls) so if your youngster would like to have a go, then why not get in touch?

Congratulations to Brendan and Aimee !

Brendan O’Keefe and Aimee Kimlin are tying the knot next Saturday 14th April.  As I write our club delegates Paul and Sue Taylor are on their way down under to help them celebrate. Brendan, Aimee –  Have a great day and all good wishes for your future together from all of us at St.Georges !

Outdoor Practice

Please note that outdoor practice sessions will start on Thursday 12 April for seniors and on Mon/Tue 23/24th April for juniors.

Indoor Practice

Please note that tomorrow – Mon 2nd April – will be the last indoor practice session for both juniors and seniors. Outdoor practice will start Thursday 12th April for seniors and Mon 23rd April / Tue 24th April for juniors.

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